The company

The firm C.E.E.I. snc was founded in 1973 in Bologna.

The name C.E.E.I. means: Construction of Industrial Electrical Equipment.

Backed my more than 40 years of experience, C.E.E.I. studies, produces and manufactures industrial electrical equipment specializing in specific products for road paving machinery, earthmoving and farming machinery.

Over time, thanks to major investments in economic and human resources aimed at designing and developing increasingly efficient and original solutions,C.E.E.i. snc and MEC 2000 srl, in a highly synergetic relationship, have become recognized leader in the European and international marketplaces.

Both companies, through their reliable and professional skills and operating methods, have developed significant technical capabilities to produce a wide range of accessories and assemblies according to high quality standards and in compliance with the most strict environmental regulations.

Our mission: to build plants that meets customer requirements, to work with them to design and develop innovative products, improve technical processes and to manufacture products at a competitive level.

As a result of the experience acquired from research, the development of several inventions issuing from company patents, product quality analyses, prosuction of the entire line of equipment at competitive prices and close cooperation with the most qualified research institutes, our companies have become an important point of reference for earthmoving, farming and road paving machinery manufacturers.

Because of our extensive knowledge of the problems affecting customers' specific machinery, we can respond quickly and efficiently, during both the product design and contruction phases, to make the tools used by operatirs easier to handle.

We operate with our internal technical department that is able to study and produce wiring, dashboards, and mechatronic components like grade levellers, slope levellers, manipulators, electric accelerators.

We are able to create customized prototypes upon request of the customer, but also to manage the whole industrialization of the product.

Targeted investments made in recent years have enabled C.E.E.I. snc to operate successfully also in foreign markets.

Quality Italian production.